Monday, July 11, 2011

Prem Soaps!

I smell so good right now. If blogger had a scratch-and-sniff option, I would use it. I got two new Prem Soaps in the mail today, along with a massage oil candle and lip balm from Prem Soaps. Lucky me, I won the soaps from sweet Sally Owen over at In My Opinion blog.

Since my skin is usually oily and generally unhappy, I requested two of the soaps with tea tree oil. I know tea tree oil is helpful since it has antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities to it. Which is what I need. I just used the tea tree and chamomile soap in the shower and was so happy with how clean and smooth my skin felt. I was reassured knowing that the soaps are all vegan, organic, and made in a kitchen in Brooklyn, New York. Their packaging is recycled paper and reusable mason jars. Bars of soap run $8 which is reasonable. You should totally check them out.

The soaps are unwrapped and in my bathroom already (lol) but here is a pic of the cute lip balm tin and candle.

I swear all my lip balms when I was a kid were in little tins like this that slide to the side! What happened to these tins? They are making me all nostalgic.

Thank you to Prem Soaps and In My Opinion blog for the contest!

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