Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I am thankful for

  • that the presidential election is over so I can go back to reading Facebook and watching TV again
  • for my health
  • for my family 
  • for my family's health
  • for my beautiful cats
  • for our warm, safe home
  • for a job that I only sort of hate
  • for free time
  • for looking at the moon at night
  • for sunsets
  • for rainbows and beautiful clouds
  • for the ocean
  • for afternoon naps
  • for chocolate and coffee and wine and other food that makes life worth living
  • for my partner, my love
  • for my own experience, bravery, and self-forgiveness
  • for freedom--of speech, religion, to disagree, to love, to move, to pursue my own goalds
  • for books, magazines, and literature
  • for pillow-top mattresses
  • for warm socks and gloves
  • for a working automobile
  • for a public transit system for when my automobile is not working
  • for old friends who know me too well
  • for new friends who are still getting to know me
  • for all the mistakes I have made that taught me all I now know
  • for the smell of summer rain
  • for the first snow of winter
  • for the first sunburn of summer
  • for getting a really good fortune in your fortune cookie
  • for when strangers smile at you for no reason
  • for safe and courteous drivers
  • for waiters and waitresses who make dining out a indulgent experience
  • for the people who pick up my garbage, keep my electricity on, pave my roads and fix my bridges, keep the water and air clean, for the people who keep streets safe and put out fires, who do all of the things I am privileged enough to take for granted, so much that I probably don't even know to include them in this list right now
  • for the sense enough to know that I should be grateful for what I have.

Oooh! Contest Coming!

I can't give too much away, but I can say this....

A contest is coming! on my blog!

It's going to be big!

Details to come soon....

Will it be YOU????

Speaking of Boots...

Speaking of Boots:

Let me highlight a few of the picks from my "boots I want" Pinterest board.

First, let's take these blood red babies up here.  These are gorgeous. Not only is it great that the color is something other than the basic black or brown, but it's also a color that still goes with most anything, so you're not limiting yourself by choosing it.  More, you can take a look at the shoe close up and see the detail.  The sole and heel have this cool cobblestone-looking pattern which adds a little rustic flair. Also I love the curved backwards "S" shape going up the side of the boot. For someone who is "S" shaped herself, this seems like a good match. 

Another unusual boot: check out this pair made of wool with leather straps:

First of all I don't know what the big white bowl in the background is supposed to be, so let's just ignore that.  These are the coolest-- the look hand-made (they might actually be) and totally rustic.  These are unique and unusual. They have the high-top warmth -- and in wool!--as well as the durability of leather. Plus, they have a bit of the gladiator fashion going for them, too.  I was never big on the gladiator sandal thing in part because it looked like the straps dug into my leg skin-- yuk. Here the wool is in the way, so I don't have that problem.
No, you probably couldn't take these out in rain or snow without them getting wet.  But aren't they cool?

OK, those are my top two.  Do you have a boot that you are drooling over, too?

I know I'm late on the Pinterest wagon, but I was just getting used to Twitter. Then the other day I decided to go ahead and actually spend some time on Pinterest. I had made a profile a while ago and added some friends/following others but didn't realize what it was all about. It's totally addictive!

You should visit my page:

Creep4ward on Pinterest

I have been going overboard, for sure.

First I made a page full of pics of boots I like. I have been browsing boots for the longest time, but still haven't had the courage to shell over hundreds of dollars for a good pair. I'm just too scared that I won't like them or won't really wear them. Check out my Boots I Want board:

Boots I Want!

Then I started looking at the "pin to win" or "pin it to win it" contests. OMG! There are so many. I think I spent most of Saturday entering those things. It was fun, too-- I got to pretend what I would buy if I won a gift card or a wish list of my own. Who doesn't like fantasy shopping?

What probably helped was the fact that I won something right away! The website Beauty.com-- you know, the one affiliated with Drugstore.com-- had a "pin to win" contest that I entered, and they picked my board as a winner! I won a $50 gift card to anything at Beauty.com! I still don't know what to get. Maybe try out one of those new BB creams? Or splurge on a fancy hair styling product? What do you think?

I'm hoping that Black Friday means they have a sale, so I can get the most for my (free) money! Check out the winning board:

Beauty Likes

Jealous yet? You should follow me and I'll try to keep posting new contests. Let me know if you are doing the same and I'll follow you too. We're in this winning thing together!