Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I know I'm late on the Pinterest wagon, but I was just getting used to Twitter. Then the other day I decided to go ahead and actually spend some time on Pinterest. I had made a profile a while ago and added some friends/following others but didn't realize what it was all about. It's totally addictive!

You should visit my page:

Creep4ward on Pinterest

I have been going overboard, for sure.

First I made a page full of pics of boots I like. I have been browsing boots for the longest time, but still haven't had the courage to shell over hundreds of dollars for a good pair. I'm just too scared that I won't like them or won't really wear them. Check out my Boots I Want board:

Boots I Want!

Then I started looking at the "pin to win" or "pin it to win it" contests. OMG! There are so many. I think I spent most of Saturday entering those things. It was fun, too-- I got to pretend what I would buy if I won a gift card or a wish list of my own. Who doesn't like fantasy shopping?

What probably helped was the fact that I won something right away! The website Beauty.com-- you know, the one affiliated with Drugstore.com-- had a "pin to win" contest that I entered, and they picked my board as a winner! I won a $50 gift card to anything at Beauty.com! I still don't know what to get. Maybe try out one of those new BB creams? Or splurge on a fancy hair styling product? What do you think?

I'm hoping that Black Friday means they have a sale, so I can get the most for my (free) money! Check out the winning board:

Beauty Likes

Jealous yet? You should follow me and I'll try to keep posting new contests. Let me know if you are doing the same and I'll follow you too. We're in this winning thing together!

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