Friday, July 15, 2011

The best deal ever?

I have to share with you my most recent trip to Goodwill. I think I may have saved more on one item than I ever have in my entire career of Goodwill shopping. This is truly epic.

So, here is this gorgeous tunic. It is made of silk.

It caught my eye in the racks not only because it's silk, and it's gorgeous, but also because it had a red tag. This week, all red tags at Goodwill are half-price, so I had been scanning the aisles on the lookout for red tags, of course.

Here is a nice shirt for half off. Guess how much it costs?

So already this is a good thing: a nice shirt, made of silk (bonus!) and with a red tag. I take it out to look at it and realize it still has the original store tag attached. So it's also brand new! Score again! I'm off to the dressing room.

Dressing room was a win. It fits me perfectly. Just loose enough in all the right places. And silk-- well, I love silk on my skin. And I can't usually afford to buy silk new.

So I'm heading up to the cash register and take another look at the tag to read the care instructions. Usually silk says "dry clean only" which sucks. I sometimes hand wash it anyway, and if it makes the silk less silky, well, I only spent a few bucks on it anyway.

Yes, so I'm waiting in line at the checkout and I look down at the tag and something doesn't look right. I mean, I think my brain stopped working for a second. And I thought "no, that can't be right." So I looked again. Yes, the original tag was attached. And that tag also had the original price. How much do you think this sweet shirt cost new? $20? $40? Even $65?

Brace yourself:

Let's look at that again. The picture is kind of fuzzy. My camera doesn't take close-ups very well.

OK, first of all, WHAT? Who pays that much money for a shirt? I think my first used car cost that much! And second, I'm thinking, WHAT? I'm getting this $800 shirt for five dollars? The tax alone on the regular price would have been more than that.

I made it through the checkout without anyone running past me, grabbing the shirt, and running off with it, though I did sort of feel like all of I sudden I found something valuable or I had done something wrong.

But it wasn't wrong. No. It was very, very right.

The goddesses of thrift have shined their light upon me today.

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