Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Riega Gluten Free Cheese Sauce Mix

Thanks to another fabulous twitter party win, I got to try a sample collection of Riega's Gluten Free Cheese Sauce mixes. They come in a bunch of flavors like PepperJack, Alfredo, White or Yellow Cheddar. Now I am not the biggest mac and cheese fan, but someone (who will remain nameless ;) ) LOVES the stuff. And he has been buying the boxes for at least 1 dollar a piece for a while. But this stuff is more economical and better for you!

The first thing I liked is that the packets let you make your own pasta. Making your own pasta from dried, boxed noodles is so easy and cheap, and we always have some on hand. Plus we mixed in some whole wheat pasta, so the mac and cheese was already healthier than the traditional boxed versions.

All you do is boil the water, cook and drain the pasta, mix the packet of powdered cheese sauce with a little milk (optional butter) and dump the pasta on top. Voila! Mac and Cheese! The sauce is a little bit runnier than your usual boxed mac and cheese, but you can add more or less milk as you see fit and that will change.

Now we are not gluten intolerant in our house but I realize this is an issue for a lot of people, including some of our friends, so I would be comfortable feeding them a recipe using this cheese sauce. Plus you can use it for more than just mac and cheese-- popcorn toppings, for example.

I can't wait to try all the varieties (I tried the cheddars first) but I expect they will all be as yummy as the first!

You should check out all the options at Riegafoods.com and see what else looks good to you!

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