Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween

OK, Halloween was this weekend and I have to confess that I wasn't at all prepared. I was at the supermarket Sunday afternoon digging through the remnants of leftover candy after all the good people had already gotten their candy. So I was left with caramels.

This was unfortunate because nobody in our house likes caramels, unless they are the really good homemade kind, and I know parents don't like caramels given to their kids at Halloween because they can be easily unwrapped and I guess they are scared that somebody put poison in them or something. Still, I got the caramels and drove home.

Of course once I got home we sat down in front of the tv and put on a scary movie on Netflix and waited for the kids to arrive. We waited and waited. The movie finished. We put on a second movie. Still no kids.
Eventually I peeked outside just to look. I saw some kids but they passed right by our house. I started to feel sort of offended. What was wrong with our house?
Then I realized that our front porch and front hall lights were out. Acutally all of our front lights were out. So if you were walking by you would think no one was home.

All this to say that we now have a lot of caramels and angry parents in our neighborhood who think we tried to get out of Halloween candy-giving this year.

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