Monday, August 30, 2010

Recent wins

I won some stuff recently and I'm so excited I want to share what I got!

-Brugo mug from Caren at Iclipcoupons
I love this mug. It even came is a beautiful seaglass color. I will never burn my tongue again.

-$50 gift card to AJWright stores from My Milwaukee Mommy
I haven't spent this one yet but I can't wait to!

-coupon for free pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream from
Ice cream. Need I say more?

-Scandle candle at tatums reviews
Can't wait to have a night to use this!

-WOW wood floor cleaning system from Living the Life of Riley
I haven't received this yet but I'm looking forward to trying it-- my wood floors are sad right now!

-Profoot foot products from Beeb at contest-corner
Already using the lotion and love it. Come winter the callus remover will be really useful.

I'll try to keep you updated!


  1. wow that's great! Good luck with my giveaway :)

  2. I'm so happy that you're enjoying the Profoot products! Thank you for reading my blog and including me in your list of wins! :)


  3. Congratulations on all your wins! :)