Monday, January 18, 2010

things i won

So I haven't had as much time to get this blog rolling as I thought. One thing I'll do to keep my spirits up is to make a list of some of the things I've won recently. I seem to be on a bit of a roll! I have read blogs for a long time, but only recently started entering contests on blogs. For some reason I figured that I'd never win. I think I was really wrong! Maybe I'm just lucky and didn't know it?
I'm going to include a few things that my partner (creep4ward) won as well (we often enter contests together).

Things we won:
$10 gift code from Living With Cents
Benefit Bestseller Kit from Mod Goddess
M.L. King concise audio book from sweeps4bloggers
Targus laptop bag from LSC Warehouse
Nourish Body and Soul skin care package from Leslie Loves Veggies
SkinMD lotion from Ladybugs and Tonka Trucks
FuzziBunz diapers from


I think this is my new favorite way to spend time! Not only do I learn about all sorts of new products, get advice, and meet fun and interesting people, but it feels so good when I actually win something! I know it's all chance and luck, but it still makes me happy!

It makes a lot of sense for the companies, too, since I've already started purchasing or recommending products I've won or seen on blogs. It just feels safer buying a product when you know a regular person like you already tried it and posted their opinions and experiences. With so many products to choose from, these blogs help cut through the mess of options.

Another thing I love is that most of these products are from small companies, often handmade, and that means you are supporting small family businesses who might not get their items carried in a big box store like Target or Wal-Mart. I feel better knowing I'm helping an entrepreneur get their business off the ground instead of putting money into the pockets of fat cats in charge of large corporations.

That's it for now! I hope everyone had a good King day and took some time to learn more about King's life and social justice work.



  1. thanks for the follow, welcome to the fun world of blogging and giveaways, congrats on your winnings

  2. I definitely think it is worth my time to enter giveaways. I win all the time! Isn't it the most fun?

  3. Those are some killer winnings. I'm always so psyched when I win one!